Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hello Transformers, nice to meet you!

What can I say, Mr. Finn Daniel is my third boy child and very very boy at that.....he loves all things spiderman, ninja turtle, and of course the transformers. Understanding the male energy through my children has been a loving, learning journey....I admire the boldness, tenderness, willingness to explore and try new things, fearless!


Rach said...

Hello there, I just found you on Etsy (strange it took so long given I spend half my life on there...) and love all your work. I will be back for some of your infants tee-shirts. Love the Stella one (given I have one of those real little Stella's of my very own). Minnie (as we call her in blog land) saw the tee-shirts in your shop and she gave them the 'thumbs up' so to speak. All the best with your baby items and your mixed media art works, Rach

clinka said...

I also just found your work on etsy, wow... absolutely breathtaking.