Saturday, September 27, 2008

I have been away for a little while catching up on some projects, getting children ready for the start of a new school year, and starting a new semester in the degree program I am taking!!! Gosh I am out of breath.....I really have wanted to post about this for a while now and feel really good about putting this up for Ya'll to see. One of my customers, a sweet person Michelle sent me a message one day asking if she could use one of my sketches/mini quilt designs for a tattoo she wanted to have done....she said it reminded her of herself and her daughter. I really love that first of all Michelle 'got it', the meaning behind this sketch as I designed it as a tribute to two of the most amazing residents I work with at the long term care facility....Myrtle and Eileen!! They are two ladies who have found each other and are always walking around holding hands, cuddling and just giving and receiving LOVE from each other.
Human contact that is what we crave, unconditional love, connection to another, to each other! We are all humans, does it matter if we are different in belief and or appearance??? I think not.
At the end of your life will you care?
Trust me I see it first hand from the lovely humans we care for....all they want is love and affection and understanding. I thank you Michelle for sharing this with me and everyone who sees the tattoo of you and your daughter!! If you want to check out Michelle's blog you can find it over at


La Srta Pil said...

Well i fallow the links and find your work here!, i really love your work and some day i will have one original :)

Bascom Hogue said...

I have always enjoyed your Flikr pages and now I am glad to have found you blog.

Victoria said...

Beautiful post!
Beautiful work!
(cool tat!)

april said...

Wow, sweet story. I love your blog and your art.

Paula said...

A hand to hold is always the best.

hens teeth said...

Hello Christina ~ I have followed and admired your work on Flickr for some time and I have now found your blog. May I say how candid and interesting your posts are, all alongside your inspiring, stunning art.

littleandwee said...


i'm in love with your work, and love your blog. i've tagged you in a game of seven things. details are here:

would love to learn more about you!

Leslie said...

I love this story and I know how special LOVE is to patients and the elderly-LOVE is the universal language and we can all promote LOVE and touch someone with the kindness that LOVE provides.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and your beautiful heart!


justagirl said...

wow you are amazing... I loved reading your blog and felt relieved that there is someone else out there going through tough teen times.

Love your art as well, you are so so so clever.


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Found your link and I love your work!!! it's beautiful!