Monday, September 07, 2009

Why don't you let me be, leave me alone
you start a fire inside that I could never control,
well here's your reaction.
"Stand Up" Trapt.
I think we have crossed over into fall, the rains are starting and all of our glorious hot weather is being tucked away is seems for next year.
Crossing over into the days of warm baking, hibernating, cuddling...(if I am lucky) and of course back to creating more art.
Another year of school has started for the boys as well as me...Woo Hoo last year for me!!
I just have to keep telling myself I can do it, May will arrive soon.
My positive attitude has carried me through many dark days so this hurdle can be jumped for sure!
Concentrating is hard with so many things on the plate but this year I feel much stronger, healthier, free. Finally I am free from the constricting emotionally abusive marriage I was chained too and have an opportunity to breath. Feeling confident, strong and happy is what I wish to share with the world


Pajara Pinta said...

beautiful image....

flying away...

LILLY BLUE said...

I have just stumbled across you and your magnificent creations. It is such an intimate encounter, glimpsing the soulful fragments of a strangers life. Yours looks beautiful and true. Your illustrations are incredibly moving and uplifting in their honesty. Thank you.