Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I find it very hard to 'stick' or 'stay' with one medium just as hard as I find putting my compulsion to create away to complete other life tasks such as laundry, work, preparing food.
I know so many creative humans suffer from the same disease, the crazy pull towards making, creating, painting, sewing, etc. Sometimes it feels like I am addicted to some sort of drug..I just can not stop... At least I am not hoarding!
I would love to hear your stories of compulsion, creation routines, habits.

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marionjoy said...

i agree christina .. i have always got something waiting to be started, waiting to be finished and in the idea process all the time .. i believe that if you must have an addiction, this one seems to be the healthiest addiction to have .. this year i have painted, made ceramics, sewn and drawn, along with making a patchwork quilt and planning another .. oh, yes, and i am in the middle of a mosaic birdbath in my garden... oh life, what a joy