Friday, February 04, 2011

I am hearing and seeing all the stories of the major WINTER storms hitting so many parts of the US right now.....and I can totally understand and relate to your pain....This is my reality from November to March every single winter in Revelstoke BC Canada......
I have been dreaming lately of a change....a big change as I just have such a hard time dealing with the snow. It is so much work and even though it is beautiful I am thinking now I do not have to live in 30ft of it every year!
Any suggestions as to where I should move?
I was thinking Bend Oregon or Washington State somewhere????


We Blog Artists said...

can relate!
I moved to Canada from Mallorca Spain 10 years ago...where we had NO snow and 18 degrees in the winter!
Now...nov-April we have WINTER below zero...

Only a couple more months!

ruth fiege said...

i think denver is a good choice. you get tons of sunshine, even in winter. we get a bit of snow, but it usually melts before they even have to plow the streets. ok, we do get the odd blizzard once in a while, but i can trade that for a summer with NO humidity and days and days of sunshine.

oregon and washington are closer to BC, but then you are trading rain for snow. so check out denver!

Christina Romeo said...

Thanks for that Ruth!

I will check out Denver as I love the mountains and really all the great skiing is just not that far from Denver.
We are getting another 30cm today and I am going MAD!
There is no place else for it to go

Anyelains said...

Come to Spain. Any city would be OK, but better Madrid. This way I would have the chance "to touch" your wonderful art.