Wednesday, May 06, 2015

This week has been super crazy two thumbs down sorta week!
My dishwasher decided it was time to fulfill the prophecy I created and it flooded my kitchen creating major water damage to my house, big un-happy face!
I am in the process of putting together some online classes and promise in the near future it will happen.
My crazy day job, kids and house have been pulling me away.

Much LOVE!


joanieART said...

I love your finished piece, so sweet and poignant both. Enjoyed watching the vid but it ended way too soon. Hope you do a full length one soon. Blessings!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wonderful Christina. I see your recognizable faces often in various places on the internet and it's awesome to see you in action making them. Thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

I really love your art and I´m looking forward to your online class ;-) I´m still trying to make my portraits more abstract and raw, but it´s not so easy. I think an online with you would help a lot!